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      Schelastic Education Center (SEC) was originally established in 2012 as an alternative to traditional schooling.  SEC is a digital learning center serving K-12 students in achieving their educational goals as per the Texas requirements. We are grooming the next generation by  promoting true individuality in every student and expanding the educational experience by infusing the learning process with a flexible curriculum. This type of customized program creates a platform to perfect gifts and talents, remediate weaknesses, and continually build upon and celebrate successes.

      SEC helps prepare students for higher education, career, entrepreneurship, and life by allowing students to work  a goal-oriented, self-paced  program. Students are encouraged to be intrinsically motivated to achieve their goals and guided to continue at a pace that is as steady or rigorous as needed or desired.

      We use a variety of curriculums to best suit the needs of the students which are  self-paced and self-directed programs. This approach offers the children or teens a self-imposed goal-oriented environment, positive discipline techniques, and stress free learning.  SEC students learn  independence, self-control, confidence, basic Christian Principles, values, and morals. Though we accept  families from all backgrounds, the school promotes a Christ-centered, Biblical- based environment. 

Schelastic Education Center promotes a  safe learning environment and is a bully-free zone. See our list of expectations.