Today’s Discovery: MAMEY!

Today’s Discovery: MAMEY! 

I talked to my mom today and asked her what she was doing; she had just left the Mexican grocery store and had picked up some mamey! She went on and on about it until I stopped to tell her I had NO idea what she was talking about! She said, “you have never heard of mamey?” She immediately detoured and came over to share a ripe mamey fruit with all of us.

I was a bit hesitant to eat it because it reminded me of papaya a bit. I can not get myself to eat papaya, mango, or melon. I have no idea why I just can’t swallow those. They look good but, go figure. It was oval and large enough to fill my entire hand. Despite my hesitation, I set a good example for my children by trying a bit.  If I was to equate it to anything I would say it was like an avocado but sweeter.  It was as creamy as an avocado and had a pit in it, only flatter and really shiny. Actually this particular one had two! It was a nice sweet treat. Read more about it here Mamey fruit: Mexico’s sweet winter treat : Mexico Cuisine – Try Mamey Today!


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