Schelastic Education Center Summer Camp

Schelastic Education Center Summer Sessions
5732 W. Interstate 20, Arlington, TX 76017 / 817-561-5255 /


STEAM Camp Activities

(Science/ Technology /Engineering/ Art/ Math)

Tuesday- Thursday; 9AM-3PM

June 6th – June 29th

July 11th-August 3th


(Supplies included)

Monday-Friday; 9AM-3PM

June 5th – June 30th

July 10th-August 4th


(Supplies included)

(Before/After Care:  Extended hours: 8AM-4PM Please add $50)

Middle/High School

Summer School

Credit Recovery/Credit Advancement

English I-IV

AP Courses

Algebra I & II





Foreign Language


Put learning back in education!

New Students:

Registration $35

                   (reduced from fall registration if  enrolled for 2017-2018)

Curriculum $100

Full-Time Attendance $300/mo

Part-time Attendance $220/mo

Continuing Students:

Full-Time Attendance $300/mo

Part-time Attendance $220/mo

 Call Today!

Schelastic Education Center is an environment that promotes Christian principles.

Now Interviewing for Fall Registration!


Click Link for Information:   SummerFlyer2017


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